Ultima Thule and Appropriation

A bowling pin shaped object, hurtling through space, some four billion miles away from Earth has been the source of some political controversy recently. We are well aware that controversy is usually contrived and generated by people who wish for something to be considered controversial, usually for some kind of political gain or self publicity. [...]


Slowing down the pace

This week, I will be updating less. I'm working on some new tracks for soundcloud which I will share at a later point. I'll still try and get an article up later. Maybe something about aliens or ultima Thule in the news. Iskalla

Buckby, Rockney and our greatest strength

Internationalism is the guiding principle of our treacherous establishment, which took us through a transition from a Nation state to (what they call) a multicultural society after the second world war. They argue this transition to not simply be to our benefit, but often to be our singular greatest strength. The term multicultural society is [...]