Heather Jones on Challenging Opinions

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Sadly, neither the opinions nor assertions of Heather Jones go challenged in this thirty minute exchange between two people with a shared dislike for the alt right. The podcast last gave her a platform when she was still ‘traditionalist’. The monotone drawl of Heather Jones leaves one feeling she is emotionally detached from the subject she is discussing, and there is a painful lack of depth to any of her perspectives. There is one significant contradiction that plays out throughout the conversation and a great deal that simply left me scratching my head.

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My New Best Friend and Extraordinary Teens

I find myself saying more and more often, ‘they could never make this today,’ in response to television and film prior to 2010. You can go so far back that the rulebook is thrown out of the window altogether and the constraints of political correctness were simply not taken into account full stop. I don’t like the term political correctness, but in this context cultural Marxism perhaps sounds slightly too esoteric. We understand how leftism has developed, mutated and expanded over the past several years. We see that political correctness never went ‘mad’, it has in fact gone entirely to plan and remains on its all annihilating course with devastating precision. Media that wouldn’t be met with approval today serves as a kind of marker as to how far we’ve allowed ourselves to be censored.

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Flower Power VS Aesthetic

I am increasingly averse to the grotesque in art, shock value does little to draw me in. It wasn’t always that way, the disturbing and deranged was intertwined with most the music and art I enjoyed. There was a sort of elitism in exceeding others tastes and pushing the envelope to further extremes. There was a sense of accomplishment in having plumbed the depths into films like August Underground, it spoke nothing to me on a personal level but I felt more cultured for having suffered any kind of visual or aural disturbance in the name of art.

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I haven’t played telehack for a few months, and find whenever I come back I find I’ve forgotten some of the basics. As far as games go, this is possibly my favorite with the exception of a few that I get some nostalgic enjoyment from. I’ll occasionally put an hour aside after work to level up on Final Fantasy VII, or play some weird old 3DO titles. What sets telehack apart is the unusually steep learning curve, and necessity for anybody without a background in computing to carry out research. The overlap between the game and real life is fascinating and can be taken further and further as the telehack universe expands with exploration. With this research not only comes the skill set to navigate an simulation of an organic 80’s BBS network but something of a history lesson. I particularly enjoyed encountering stories and accounts on relationships being formed over BBS that have endured to this day.

There is also the room to input, to create, program and add something to the world of telehack. I have considered starting a kind of identitarian propaganda campaign and posting text files throughout ‘hacked’ BBS systems.

Screenshot at 2018-02-25 10-46-27


Afrofuturism and Fashwave

A shell script, in computing, is not only a way of giving direct instructions to be carried out by a system, but a way of expanding the limits of what a computer can do. Using the right language, and bundling with a keyword, a computer can carry out a sequence of events on command. I am writing here in the context of open source computing especially. If explained in the right language, the computer will carry out the most sophisticated instructions when given the keyword, with a small program that pushes the limits of what was possible before.

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